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I can't solve it either, but I did move it along. I've been up since 2:30am and I'm getting punchy, so maybe someone else can see it.

I've got an updated screenshot based on your original. All of my additions are purple Xs:

I went through the clues and found a mistake on your part. This puzzle has 120 decibels and $120. You confused the two on clue 6. 120 decibels is not the Viking 5. You put down that $120 is not the Viking 5. I make that mistake too, sometimes. I marked that square with a blue box.

1) Clue 3: Comparisons between the two means that you can also exclude their intersecting value (I almost ALWAYS forget that extra step)

Rip Tide/1994 is false

2) Clue 6: "Neither" will give you three exclusions:

120 dB/1997 is false
120 dB/Viking 5 is false

3) Clue 7: Here's a great one. Combine it with clues 3 and 5 to get the following relationship:
2007 louder (by 5) than $120 louder than Rip Tide louder than 1994
This means that 2007 is louder than three other units
$120 is louder than two units, but quieter than one
Rip Tide is louder than one unit, but quieter than two
1994 is quieter than 3 units

105 dB/2007 is false
110 dB/2007 is false
115 dB/Rip Tide is false

Further, the four values cannot be each other!

Rip Tide/2007 is false
1994/$120 is false

4) Clue 8: Advanced logic here. "Of" statements have a left side and a right side. If both values on the left can eliminate a common value, then nothing on the right side can have that value. That goes both ways; right side common values affect the left side.

From the left side (Securalert and $145), Securalert is not $120 or $124, and neither is $145 by default, thus nothing on the right side of the clue can be $120 or $124.

105 dB/$124 is false
1997/$120 is false
1997/$124 is false

From the right side (105 and 1997), 105 is not 1994 or 2007, thus

1994/$145 is false
2007/$145 is false
Securalert/1994 is false
Securalert/2007 is false

100 dB/$145 is false by association that 100 is 1994, thus if 1994 is not $145, then neither is 100 decibels

5) Clue 9: Same technique as in clue 8

Armor-Stop is not 2000
2000/$124 is false
2000/115 dB is false

2007 is not Rip Tide or Securalert
Rip Tide/$124 is false
Securalert/115 dB is false

$124 is not Rip Tide or Securalert
105 dB/Armor-Stop

6) Finally, from just looking around the board, we want to line up all associations with the green dots.

Since 1994 is not Securalert:
100 dB/Securalert is false
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