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There are several more eliminations possible in clues #1 and #2 not yet shown on the grid (assuming the rest of your grid is correct - haven't checked that).

MKP 427 is either 41 or 47 light years. From clue #1 that means 295,000 mi. is either 45 light years of 41 or 47 (MKP). So that X's out 43/295k and 49/295k, and since Theros is 49, we can eliminate Theros and 295k. That leaves Theros as either 281k or 345k.

On to clue #2... we know MKP 427 is either Ereph or Zhezios, so that means 281,000 miles can only be Rodul, Ereph or Zhezios. That allows us to eliminate Cheelia nad Theros from 281,000 miles, which then gives us a TRUE value for 345,000==Theros.

Haven't taken it past there, but that should open up the board for you a bit.
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