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First, your solution is correct and I don't want to talk about my fuzzy logic, ha.

I appreciated this a lot! A couple techniques are demonstrated:

1. We can simply and easily get a leg up on the "Of A and B, one is X and one is Y" clues by looking at the intersection of A/B and X/Y and the number of eliminations on their rows and columns. I never think that way but will start immediately

2. I've seen other puzzles where (somebody else found) the path forward relies on a pattern like you did here to eliminate 51 and MKP. It's a great one to watch for.

3. I'm intrigued by the notion of driving toward a key conclusion like, "We're going to prove that PLC 120 can only be 43". I do not know how often one could take that approach but it's clear when we're working hard for one X at a time, it'd be nice to know where we're going.

Good stuff, thanks!
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