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Your grid has a lot of positives that haven't yet been transposed into the rest of the grid.

For example, you have Denise = blackjack, but that relationship hasn't been transposed to the rest of the grid.

If Denise = blackjack, then Denise and blackjack must be in the same row in the top three category boxes. In your grid, blackjack can only be in the $960 and $2180 rows, but way on the left, your grid shows that Denise could be $530.

That $530 box needs an X to match the available rows for blackjack, and when you do that, Nathan will have to be $530.

Check all the positive relationships (green dots) and make sure that all the Xs from the box with the green dot have been reflected in the other boxes. For example, in your grid, reality TV cannot be Batman or Spiderman.

When you complete the grid, you should get the following solution:

$530 - Nathan - Spiderman - shopping
$690 - Spencer - Batman - smoking
$960 - Denise - Hellboy - blackjack
$2180 - Hunter - Wolverine - chocolate
$2290 - Summer - Superman - reality TV

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