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testing 10-26-2009 04:23 PM

where did I go wrong?
second Ruben weather.com curling
fourth Emma cnn.com hockey
fifth Stephen facebook.com football
seventh Dante aol.com bowling
tenth Cindy yahoo.com baseball

Stephen is farther down the line than Emma.
- stephen is 5th, Emma is 4th
The curling star is closer to the front of the line than Cindy.
- Curling is second, Cindy is tenth
Either the football star or the hockey star is Stephen.
- the football star is Stephen
Of the hockey star and Cindy, one is second is line and the other set yahoo.com as their homepage.
- the hockey star is second and Cindy has Yahoo
The one who is fifth in line is not the baseball star.
- Stephen is fifth and is football.
The web surfer who set their homepage to cnn.com is closer to the front of the line than the bowling star.
- Cnn is fourth and Bowling is seventh.
The 5 people were the one who is fifth in line, the hockey star, the web surfer who set their homepage to aol.com, Ruben, and the one who is tenth in line.
- Fifth (Stephen), Hockey (Emma), Aol (Dante), Ruben, 10th (Cindy)
The one who is second in line set weather.com as their homepage.
- Ruben is second and has weather.
The bowling star is not Cindy.
- bowling star is Dante
The football star never visits cnn.com.
- football star likes facebook.
The one who is seventh in line is Dante.
- Dante is seventh.

Where did I go wrong ?

rxs98 10-28-2009 06:28 AM

Where Did I Go Wrong
Dear Testing;

It appears that you are saying that "hockey" and "curling" are second. Which one was second?

Try going over the entire puzzle again. Sometimes, you need to walk away and come back later and go over every clue, and every answer again.

I hope this helps.


testing 10-29-2009 05:03 PM

Thank you... that "second" statement throws me cause I look 2 down... hockey was fourth but 2nd on the list. 2nd on the list don't mean diddly.

Kinda funny that I just realized I did those types of errors and was coming here to check this darn thing AGAIN.

Really new to this type of thing, but these are great and besides... there has to be someone who raises the average time.

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