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jeffnn 06-12-2014 09:19 AM

Reading Back Story/Reviewing Scored Puzzle
Having a Back Story for the puzzles is great but if the only time you can read it is while working on the puzzle then all it does is slow down completion times. It should be available to read before puzzle is shown and time starts for scoring. (It would also be nice to be able to see it on the results page along with results grid and other information to study the puzzle leisurely once completed)

uigrad 06-12-2014 09:32 AM

I agree completely.

Not all the stories are very deep, but they are still worth reading. Sometimes I'll start a puzzle, but then not even work on it, just so that I can read the story. Then I'll throw it away, and start another.

It would be much better to do as this person suggested. Even if the story can't be shown before starting the puzzle for technical reasons, it should at least be on the puzzle completion page!

MicahFFX 06-13-2014 12:28 AM

I definitely would rather see the back-story before starting the puzzle, but that might actually alter the score times. (How so? Because certain categories seem to have common spacing. One example is planets in a 4x5 puzzle. The spacing category will be light years, usually 41, 43, 45, 47, and 49.) I don't know if the difference would be significant - but it might be a consideration.

I also have many times wished I could see the clues and result after the scoring because I'm often filling things in from grid logic rather than actually fitting clues together, and I never think to screenshot in the rush to submit. Sometimes I want to be able to review and see what I might have been missing that it took longer.

So, yes, yes, please. =)

Papallion 06-13-2014 10:09 PM

I've never actually stopped to read the stories, but when I do, I don't notice anything really relative in them. Still, I would vote to have them either before or after the puzzles, since I can understand while some peopel like them,

Alethea 06-14-2014 08:23 AM

I never bother with the stories. Imo, they don't help or hinder the puzzle-solving, so I forget they're there. That said, if they're going to be shown at all, I'd rather they were shown on the score page, since then reading them won't impact my official times.

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