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bowl231 02-04-2009 09:11 PM

When does timer start

When does a puzzle's timer actually start?
.......When you click to CLUES or click Start Puzzle
Curious because I get two different screens depending on what
the game sequence is. Also will sometimes take longer to load
depending on what time of day and what ads.

The first get to the site and click SOLVE PUZZLE
* I get the "GET READY TO SOLVE" screen.
* Loading puzzle
* click start puzzle
* shows GOALS tab - which says the puzzle starts when you go to clues

All puzzles after that when I click solve another
* I get the "GET READY TO SOLVE" screen
* loading puzzle
* click start puzzle
* shows partial ANSWERS tab - which sometimes takes longer to load

Would really like to see the timer as part of the puzzle screen

THANKS - am addicted to the game and have told many of my friends

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