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Quazar 02-07-2014 04:36 PM

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I found this one SO hard... anyone care to solve and tell us how you did it?

I haven't been stuck like this in a long time :rolleyes:

passel3 02-07-2014 05:32 PM

Once you take it as far as you can go, ask for a hint. The hint will explain "how" it deduces another square that you haven't marked. If that doesn't get you unstuck, then ask for another hint. Repeat until done and the solve will have been shown to you.

tjsrc 02-07-2014 08:34 PM

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I dunno, wasn't that hard?

Just figured out the basics first, you know, "Mabel isn't Rockford" and "Onawa isn't $15.7"
Then marked off the before/afters.
Then, for example no.4 "Of the hurricane that hit in 1948 and the storm that caused $18.5 million in damage, one hit land at Granger and the other was Hurricane Kristy." I went "If 1948 was Granger, it wouldn't be Kristy (and whichever other hurricanes Granger was not)." and "If 1948 was Kristy, it wouldn't be Granger (and whichever other places Kristy was not)."
Repeat over and over, forwards/backwards ("If Kristy was 1948, it wouldn't be $18.5 etc."), adjusting the before/after times as necessary.
And then done?

zenobia43 02-07-2014 08:53 PM

I had to do many iterations through clues 4, 7, 9, 11, and 12 to arrive at a point where everything fell into place.

I think the reason this puzzle is difficult is because so many passes through the of/either (XOR) type of clue are needed.

When I solved this puzzle, the first pass didn't lead to any positives, and there was a lot of white space.

Several passes through the of/either clues mentioned above, led to a resolution for clues 11 and 12. Onawa = 12.5 and Audrey = 1952.

After transposing these two positives, there was still a lot of white space.

Several iterations through clues 3, 4, 7, 8, and 9 finally resulted in Granger could not be 16.9. Before this exclusion, 16.9 could only be Granger and Zamora. Excluding Granger meant that 16.9 = Zamora.

Then clue 9 gave 1964 = Mabel.

From there, everything fell into place. If I did this right, the solution is:

1944 - Wilma - 12.5 - Onawa
1948 - Kristy - 15.7 - Velma
1952 - Audrey - 13.1 - Tomales
1956 - Pam - 16.9 - Zamora
1960 - Velma - 17.4 - Rockford
1964 - Mabel - 18.5 - Granger

The new hint system is awesome. It has a special message for those rare occasions when it can't come up with the words to explain the next step. There is at least one puzzle in the 4x7 library that will delight you with that message if you ask for a hint at the right time. :)

stanstar 02-21-2014 12:06 AM

stop teasing us zenobia43
~Go and tell us what the hint says? :o put us (especially me) out of my/our misery please.


Blab 02-21-2014 06:07 AM

I'm surprised Zenobia uses the hint button. I've accidentally hit the hint button reaching for the undo button and have gotten a seconds penalty that seemed bigger than some of Zenobia's total scores.

zenobia43 02-21-2014 08:09 AM

The hint goes something like this:

"Once in a blue moon, the hint system ... and usually requires combining three clues to get the next logical step in the solution."

I only remember the "Once in a blue moon" part. When I got that hint, I got the impression that I had arrived at the most cherished part of the puzzle treasure vault.

I had stumbled across a real stumper, gotten stuck at the right place, hit the hint button at the right time, and I didn't get charged a penalty.

And after all that, I got to spend some more quality time with the puzzle.

I have only seen that hint message once while attempting one of the challenging category 4x7 puzzles. If I get it again, I'll take better notes.

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