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bblessing 04-21-2013 06:22 PM

Maximum Score
Out of curiosity, what is the maximum score that one can achieve on any given game? It seems like no matter what I do I cannot break 500, even on games with record times. Moreover, it is difficult to achieve high scores on 4x4 games with high success rates, so it appears that the scoring is based not just on time, but difficulty as well. Would it be possible to divulge the algorithm that is used to determine a given score?

pcuser 04-21-2013 06:33 PM

This was posted on 4-9-2010 by adamwho in response to a similar question. It seems to be quite accurate.

For 5x5 games
Points = -(1/3)*time_in_sec + 535

For 4x4 games
These are on the line:
Points = -(1/3)*time_in_sec + 375

This of course, is not the whole picture since even really terrible finish times give some points, so it is likely that the scoring is not a single line but piece-wise continuous.

bblessing 04-21-2013 06:46 PM

Whoops! I didn't see that when I did a quick search. That's very helpful information, thank you pcuser! So it is theoretically possible to break 500, however you just have to be that good :p.

pcuser 04-22-2013 03:38 AM

The best players can score above 500 routinely. They can score a maximum of about 530, though rarely.

bblessing 04-22-2013 09:32 PM

Geez, that would amount to a game having been finished in 15 seconds according to the formula. Assuming a 4x5 board, that would amount to 15 green dots in 15 seconds. I would have some trouble accepting a score like that, as the only real way to do it would be to have the answers memorized and the clicks rehearsed: there is simply no time to read the clues. No game that I've finished has had a record time anywhere near that, though I've only been here for a month and a half. That having been said, I would agree that 500+ is doable on a fairly regular basis.

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