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auntblab 03-14-2013 07:57 PM

Sorting puzzles by age
I think it would be helpful to flag puzzles by age. For instance, all the original puzzles could be Wave 1, and the most recently introduced could be Wave 2; the next batch Wave 3, etc. 4X4's are identifiable as older puzzles, but with 4X5's, you can't tell. I have given up competing on percentage solved because I purposefully quit started 4X5 games that are older/familiar.

That said, I really enjoy this site. I am old and blessed with the time to play. My congrats to the many people on this site who are far better than I'll ever be. You guys are amazing and keep me motivated.

P.S. I quickly noticed the patterned responses to the older games, but I am not picking up on any patterns in the newer games. Has any one noticed any patterns in the newer games?

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