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flutefish 08-30-2008 05:21 AM

Messed up Clues
Ages First Names Rooms Appetizers
21 Caleb bedroom buffalo wings
57 Isiah kitchen onion rings
68 Annie dining room soup of the day
69 Ivy office fried mozarella
77 Joshua living room chili fries


I don't know if you can find this puzzle from just the answer grid, but this puzzle's clues are messed up. Specifically, clues 1 & 3. I wasn't able to copy the clues with the answer grid to paste here. I was able to get the answer with a little trial and error. The clues refer to Ivy, the kitchen, and the bedroom. The clues add up to Ivy is younger than the bedroom, which is younger than the kitchen. Since the clues specifically say later that the kitchen is 57 years old, this isn't possible. If you can find this puzzle, the clues either need to be fixed or the puzzle removed to avoid confusion.


admin 08-30-2008 01:35 PM

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Hi flutefish -

I've tested this puzzle just now and as far as I can tell, the clues seem to be accurate - I was able to solve it using the given clues and found no paradoxes or discrepancies. I'm posting a screenshot below to show the solution as well as the clues, together.

Attachment 2

The confusion may be that Ivy isn't younger than the bedroom - the clues actually says that the bedroom is younger than Ivy?

flutefish 08-30-2008 05:53 PM

Could be that I had it reversed - it was kinda late. But I would have sworn that first clue was reversed. Oh well. Thanks for checking.

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