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mikiboop 08-24-2008 08:21 PM

Last name same as first
This morning, I did a puzzle that had a first name of Keith and a last name Keith. That made the puzzle rather tricky -I had to read the clues carefully. I realize that I'm being petty whining about the matter. I like that there is no story. Let's not waste time and space. Just the clues, please. Simpler names would help, such as Joe, Bob, red, beer, wine, China, etc.
Are the puzzles assembled randomly? Created from five random categories? Or are they complete puzzles chosen at random? I'm guessing the former, otherwise each puzzle would be numbered.
I do enjoy the puzzles and appreciate your making it possible. I also like that your forum has spell check.
Thank you,

mikiboop 08-26-2008 06:00 PM

answering myself
Using a little logical thinking, I can answer part of my question. Although the puzzles aren't numbered, each puzzle must have specific categories, clues and an answer, otherwise we would have no reason to rate it. Also, once, after solving a puzzle I got an error message saying that I had already solved that puzzle. It would have been nice to have gotten that message at the beginning. How do duplicate puzzles affect the total scores? Is there an identification for specific puzzles in case we'd like to discuss them? Will there be a way to pull up a puzzle if we'd like to try it another time? Can we save a puzzle to shut it down w/o counting as unsolved?

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