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06-12-2014, 02:54 PM
I've been struggling to solve this interesting puzzle for a while with no success. Maybe someone here can help?

We are given the following numbers and letters in a grid 4 by 4. There is one empty square there between the '8's, but there is no indication that we are looking for something to fit in that square. It could be that, it could be something else. We don't know exactly what kind of puzzle this is. What we do know is that the answer is one letter, either upper case or lower case. We should be looking for patterns. The answer could be something that is missing, or it could be one of the 4 given letters, it could be many things.
1 0 7 k
9 2 m 5
2 p 8 4
h 8 8

Any suggestions, ideas, thoughts, narrowing of possible answers would be very welcome!

06-12-2014, 04:17 PM
I must say, this is a challenging one. I'm inclined to ask where you found this. All I noticed was that the longest diagonal (this one: /), when read top to bottom, spells kmph. That's probably not the goal, but I figured it was worth mentioning. You know, kilometers per hour? Though, without other context, it doesn't really give much.

06-13-2014, 12:20 AM
I do note there's only non-capital letters, yet the parameters make a point about the letter (not number) answer possibly being either capital or not. That, combined with the vagueness of the puzzle parameters, make me think of the way some IQ test "patterns" try to trick you by using numbers or letters in a completely different context than the viewer expects, such as distinguishing curvy versus straight.

For example, making all squares of the grid that contain curvy characters dark could create a symbol. (Not the right answer, just an example.)

06-13-2014, 03:12 AM
This puzzle is from this book: http://1btcbook.com/. The author has made freely available ten of the twenty puzzles ("Clues") from the book here: https://imgur.com/a/MlJEh/all. The author says on the website:

What are the clues & questions like?
Most of the clues rely on logical reasoning and pattern-spotting. No foreign language skills are required, and those who have English as a first language will only have a slight advantage.
Some understanding of mathematics and general knowledge will come in handy, too.

The author also writes that each puzzle ("Clue") provides exactly one upper- or lower-case letter and that hints or solutions from a previous puzzle have no impact whatsoever on later ones. However, read "Clue 1" - there is some general advice about the puzzles, based on which I was trying to suggest what we could be looking for in this puzzle. It suggests that in some of the puzzles case is not important - we just need to find a letter for the answer, and its case is simply the same as that of all the given letters.

As much as the puzzles are supposed to be unrelated to each other, the author's style of indicating the looked-for unknown elements with question marks shows in some of the puzzles (that's why I wanted to suggest that the empty square here is not very likely to be where we need to fill in an answer).

spells kmph. That's probably not the goal, but I figured it was worth mentioning.
It is all worth mentioning.
using numbers or letters in a completely different context than the viewer expects
Good to mention too. Very unexpected contexts could indeed be expected from this author, based on some of his puzzles that I've solved.

Now that I've posted a link for 10 of the puzzles you can try to solve those too. The ones that I'm most struggling with are clues number 4, 6, 9 and 17. For clues 12 and 19 I have possible answers, but I am not sure that they are the right ones, so I would appreciate comments on them too. I can share with you the progress I've made with those if you like. I've solved 1, 7, 10 and 14.

There is a monetary reward for the first to solve all 20 puzzles in the book. You can try to win it on your own, but in case I manage to win with some of your help I would be glad to share the prize money appropriately.

12-01-2014, 06:35 PM
spoiler : the answer is


edit i have been looking at clue 10 for a little bit. i think the answer may be V