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04-08-2014, 06:38 PM
I've rather lliked the hint system explaining why something works, but this time I'm stumped. I was in a 3x4 but only had Xs after going through all the clues and not enough to confirm anything. Hint gave me this.

"If 26.6 does not equal Eduardo, and Cristina and Bonita can only be paired with either 26.6 or Frank, then Cristina cannot be equal to Eduardo. Mark the highlighted cell as FALSE."

Note: This one was involved couples in some game so there are two sets of names, Eduardo and Frank were in one with Cristina and Bonita in the other.

Since Cristina could still be paired with 26.6, I don't see how you could eliminate Eduardo.

On second thought I probably should have made a screen cap so you could see the board, but too late now I guess.

04-08-2014, 07:34 PM
I'm going to assume that there was a clue stating that Eduardo was not 26.6 or that you already had an X at that intersection.

I will also assume that there was a clue of the type: Of 26.6 and Frank, one was paired with Cristina, and the other with Bonita.

This last clue is saying that Cristina must be either 26.6 or Frank.

So who are all the people Cristina could be paired with in the category occupied by Frank and Eduardo?

She could be paired with Frank because the clue states that possibility.

If Cristina is not Frank, then she has to be 26.6 and the person that 26.6 is paired with. If 26.6 can never be Eduardo, then it follows that Cristina can never be paired with Eduardo either.

I think this is described as transitive relationships (unaligned pairs) in the tutorials.

http://logic-puzzles.org/how-to-solve-a-logic-puzzle.php (http://http://logic-puzzles.org/how-to-solve-a-logic-puzzle.php)

"Since Cristina could still be paired with 26.6, I don't see how you could eliminate Eduardo."

Because 26.6 cannot be Eduardo.

04-08-2014, 09:30 PM
Okay, I see it now.
If Frank was correct then exclusivity would cancel Eduardo
If 26.6 was correct then you would carry the Eduardo cancellation from 26.6 into Cristina
So no matter what I choose Eduardo would end up canceled. That makes sense.

Thanks for the help.