View Full Version : time lapse in posting

03-07-2014, 04:50 AM
Dear Admins, I understand that you are trying to solve the spamming problem, however as a result of the measures you are taking at the moment, our posts are taking a long time to appear on the board. I posted a message regarding a hint query and posted the wrong grid in attachment. When I realized my mistake I couldn't edit the message. I posted a message apologizing for my mistake and to disregard it, but it took a day or two before it was on the board. Three members tried to help and posted their messages. I felt guilty.

Anyway it will be good when you have sorted out the spamming problem and we get back to how things were.;) At the moment your efforts are similar as the carpenter coming to solve the door scraping on the floor and cutting 4 inches of the bottom and allowing all kinds of wildlife into the home.:eek: