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06-03-2011, 07:46 AM
The person with the white gold ring arrived the day before the arachnophobic.
Among the person who arrived on Thursday and the person with the yellow gold ring, one is coulrophobic and the other is Janiya.
The person with the titanium ring is claustrophic.
The person who arrived on Friday wears the yellow gold ring.
The arachnophobic arrived the day before the coulrophobic.
The person who arrived on Tuesday isn't claustrophic.
Madisyn arrived the day before Juliana.
The agoraphobic doesn't wear the platinum ring.
The person who arrived on Thursday doesn't wear the platinum ring.
The coulrophobic is not Kaylie.
The person who arrived on Wednesday is not Juliana.
The coulrophobic arrived sometime after the person with the silver ring.

I just cannot figure this one out.

06-21-2011, 08:58 PM
Remember to eliminate the earliest and latest type clues from your grid. For instance, the arachnophobic arrived the day before the coulrophobic. Therefore, if Friday is the last day of the week in this puzzle, then the arachnophobic cannot have arrived on Friday, because they have to arrive the day before the coulrophobic. Likewise, if the first day is Monday, then the coulrophobic cannot have arrived on Monday, as then the arachnophobic could not arrive a day earlier. People often forget to eliminate these.

03-15-2012, 07:11 AM
Here goes. For the days, I used Mon,Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri.
For names: Beth, Janiya, Juliana, Kaylie, Madisyn.
Rings: platinum, silver, titanium(TT), White gold (WG), Yellow Gold(YG)
Phobias: Agora, Aracha, Coulro, Claustro, Xeno

I will use readily apparent abbreviations going forward.

STEP 1: Ok, fill in all obvious exclusions (x's) and any obvious 'this is that' stuff.

Step 2: see clue 2. Because YG already=Friday, the clue dictates that Janiya=Thur or Fri, and Coulro=Thur or Fri.

Step 3: as a result, clue 5 now means Arachna≠Tue. And clue 1 means WG≠Monday.

Step 4: now Plat≠Coulro. This means Coulro can only be WG or YG in one direction, and in the other direction we see that Coulro=YG=Fri.

Step 5: X'ing out all other Friday possibilities shows that Fri can only be Beth or Juliana.. this forces Thu=Janiya and Janiya=Silver or TT.

Step 6: Arachna=Thu=janiya since clues say Arachna is day before coulro. Elimination causes Janiya=Thu=Arachna=Silver.

Step 7: this forces Xeno=Plat, and forces Agora=WG.

Step 8: perform some obligatory exclusions.

Step 9: observe that Juliana can only be agora, Xeno, or Coulro, so place x so that Juliana≠Claustro. And as TT= Claustro, make Juliana≠TT as well

Step 10: Clue says WG is day before Arachna, so set WG=Wed.

STEP 11: More misc filling in, See that Madisyn≠Plat so Mad= TT or WG.

Step 12. Notice Mad≠Thu, so by clue for her to be exactly a day earlier than Juliana, Mad=Monday and Juliana=Tue.

The rest is straightforward. My result:


Hope I did it correctly and with enougg detail to answer your questiin.